To Proudly Go is comprised of a Board of Directors that is responsible for the overall control and oversight of the management and operational affairs of the organization. The Board of Directors oversee Officers and Staff that perform the day-to-day management duties of the organization as provided in the By-Laws or, to the extent not so provided, by the Board of Directors. All Directors of the Board, Officers and Staff of To Proudly Go are unpaid and uncompensated volunteers.

Organizational Chart

Our organizational chart is currently undergoing revisions.

Officers and Voting Board Members

Michael Agnew

He / Him / His

Executive Director & Chair of the Board of Directors

As Executive Director and Chair of the Board of Directors, Michael presides over all meetings of the Board of Directors and manages all day-to-day administrative and strategic operations.

Charles Coulter

He / Him / His / She / Her / Hers

Deputy Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer

As Deputy Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer, Charles is responsible for overall content strategies on social media platforms, volunteer management, outreach and engagement efforts, creation of merchandise products, promotional materials, and special projects and programs.

John Lutton

He / Him / His

Deputy Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer

As the Deputy Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer, John is the custodian of all banking records, funds and assets, and financial compliance.

Ryan Mathew-Meier

He / Him / His

Senior Advisor & Vice Chair of the Board of Directors

As the Senior Advisor and Vice Chair, Ryan presides over Board of Director meetings, in the absence of the Chair of the Board and advising the Executive Director in the administrative and strategic operations providing and providing voice in oversight of the management and operations of the organization.

Sonyl Nagale

He / Him / His

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Sonyl oversees all technology systems and tools for To Proudly Go including implimenting information security policies and procedures.

Sean Rusnack

He / Him / His

Administrative Manager & Secretary of the Board of Directors

As the Administrative Manager & Secretary, Sean assists the Executive Director & Chair of the Board of Directors in all administrative matters and records and keeps the minutes of all the Board of Directors meetings.

Ann Marie Segal

She / Her / Hers

Special Advisor & Outreach and Engagement Manager

As Engagement and Outreach Manager, Ann Marie assists with social media outreach and engagement and networking with external partners.

Staff and Non-Voting Board Members

Brian Cummins

He / Him / His

Budget and Finance Manager

As the Budget and Finance Manager, Brian assists the Deputy Executive Director & CFO with creating and managing the annual fiscal year budget of the organization and strategic budget planning progress future programs that are aimed to expand To Proudly Go’s mission.  Brian also supports identifying applicable grants, foundations, corporate sponsorships private giving, and other fundraising opportunities that help expand the organizations revenue sources.

Pomegranate (Meg) Margulis

She / Her / Hers

Chief Graphic Designer & Creative Services Manager

As the Chief Graphic Designer and Creative Services Manager, Meg is responsible for all graphic design, animation and branding.

Luke Messina

He / Him / His

Projects and Programs Manager

As the Projects and Programs Manager, Luke is responsible for coordinating programs and events aimed at broadening To Proudly Go’s scope and visibility to as many communities as possible and to craft and execute projects that expand the To Proudly Go’s mission.

Josh Wellman

He / Him / His

Communications Writer

As Communications Writer, Josh assists the Executive Director with drafting all official communications from To Proudly Go.