Statement on the Aggression Against the People of Ukraine

To Proudly Go stands beside the people of Ukraine and the citizens of Russia currently suffering for speaking out against their government’s aggression and atrocities against the Ukrainian people. We are especially mindful of the fear of vulnerable LGBTQ+ humans who cannot get to safety right now. If we become aware of ways in which our community can either directly or indirectly offer aid, we will pass along that information as soon as we have it.

The Star Trek universe is aspirational and inspirational. It speaks to us because it tells a story of humanity that embodies the best potential of the human spirit. Our world is not there, yet, but recent events can serve to remind us all of the common wishes of the human heart—to raise our children in peace, to live and love freely, and to live out the full course of a human life without fear of war, suffering, or oppression.

Michael Agnew

Executive Director &

Chair of the Board of Directors

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